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Well, since the name of our online store is FixieHaus, I think it’s only right for us tell you about the different type of fixed gear bikes aka fixie in Singapore.

If you are new to the cycling world and have heard of the term fixie.. don’t be mistaken. It’s not a  type of bike that “hipsters” ride. The fixed gear bikes are called fixed gear bikes because it has, as its name suggest, a fixed gear. In brief & layman terms, the pedals move in tandem with the wheel. When your wheel moves, your pedal moves & so you can’t coast.

Like any other general term, there are always subcategories. For fixed gear bikes, we separate it into built bikes and custom bikes. Although fixed gear since is very niche in Singapore, you will be surprise to find how many different shops there are to feed your hobby. Here’s a short list of built fixed gear bikes and custom bikes in Singapore.

Built Fixie Bikes

So for people who are new to the fixie scene in Singapore they will usually go for the more affordable built entry level bikes here. Some of the most established brands like, Airwalk, also sell built fixie which allows for customization with additional cost. The most basic of all built bikes, generally have no brand. Price of a built bike can range from $200 to $1200. In my honest opinion, for bikes, sometimes price does not reflect quality BUT if your life depend on what you’re riding, please value your life higher. A good price range for your first fixie should be from $500 to $700. There is a marketplace on facebook and togoparts for you to see your used fixie or components, so don’t worry about spending a bit more on your first fixie!

Here are some of the build fixie available in Singapore to date.

Pure Fix Cycles Fixie

Pure Fix Cycles Fixie in Singapore

From SGD 480

Pure Fix Cycles is a Caifornia brand that believes in having simplicity. They are one of the most popular entry level bikes in Singapore as they get sold out within the first two weeks of arriving in Singapore. In the latest shipment, Tiong Hin brought in some of the glow fixie which glows in the dark at night. How cool is that! So perfect for the upcoming Halloween!

See more Pure Fix Cycles bikes here

Harris Fixie by Bicycle Culture (BC)

Harris Fixie in Singapore

SGD 179

They have a few different colour combination and allows for some slight customization. It depends on availability.

See more Bike culture bikes here.

Moko Fixie by Moko SG

Moko Fixies in Singapore

SGD 380

Moko is a Singapore brand and has managed to keep their prices low. This fixie is designed and assembled in Singapore. You can find them at some bicycle shop near you. More information can be found on their website. Their price point for entry level bikes is good and if you run into any trouble, you can easily contact the brand itself, unlike most of the “branded” fixie here in Singapore.

See Moko Bikes here.

FixedurLife by Airwalk

FixedurLife Fixie by Airwalk

SGD 350

Airwalk is a local brand as well. They manufacture their bicycles in Taiwan and is one of the pioneers in the Fixed Gear business. In order to capture the mass market, they came up with FixedurLife fixie to make riding a fixed gear more available to the masses in Singapore. They too allow for customization. As airwalk, the parent brand has many different components in different colours. There is more room for you to design your own fixie as compared to the other brands.

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Custom Bikes

After riding a built fixed gear for a while, the natural progression will be to either upgrade or modify one’s bicycle. There’s a lot of factors when riding a bike that affects how fast you can go. Different people have different needs and level of comfort. Therefore, we are seeing a move towards bicycle shops getting components for fixed gear bikes, rather than just built bikes. Needlesstosay, the cost to built up your own fixie might be a 150% to 200% jump from your entry built bikes, which led to the presence of a fixed gear marketplace as people want to try different geometry, brands and sizes.

Every component of a fixed gear bike can be bought from a different brand, therefore, it takes a while for a rider to study and research on the components that they want. Besides, the aesthetics, the functionality and the overall performance of the bike is important to the season rider.

Let me just list some of the brands that you can look for while customizing your bike

  • NJS Export (ok, its not a brand, its used frames but all handmade)
  • Cinelli
  • Sugino
  • Bricklane Bikes
  • Colossi
  • Airwalk
  • Mack Cycling
  • Nabiis
  • Leader
  • Engine 11
  • Shimano
  • HED
  • Areospoke
  • H + Son
  • the list goes on…

The brands are all available in Singapore at a local bicycle shop.

Let us know if you have any questions! We’ll be more than happy to help with your fixie in Singapore! Also, Fixed Gear Bikes requires cleaning every once in a while. Please send them to us if you need your fixies to be cleaned!



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  • is it available?
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    Harris Fixie by Bicycle Culture (BC)

  • Hey may I know how can i customize fixie & where to get them.. i have a budget of $600..

  • I am standing at 156cm in height. Is the fixie too high for me?

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